Dolly Chaiwala, known for his tea stall and vibrant personality, has been the subject of various rumors and speculations. From being touted as an ambassador to his encounter with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, here's a breakdown of the truth behind these claims and an insight into Dolly Chaiwala's net worth.

The Bill Gates Encounter

Dolly Chaiwala gained widespread attention when Bill Gates visited his tea stall. The video titled 'One Chai Please' showed Gates enjoying a cup of chai alongside Dolly Chaiwala. This unexpected encounter between the famous entrepreneur and the tea seller sparked curiosity and catapulted Dolly Chaiwala into the limelight.

Windows 12 Ambassador Rumors

Amidst the frenzy generated by the Bill Gates encounter, rumors started circulating that Dolly Chaiwala had been appointed as the brand ambassador for Microsoft's highly anticipated operating system update, Windows 12. However, these rumors are unfounded, and there is no official confirmation from Microsoft regarding any brand ambassadorship for Windows 12. The claim should be treated as mere speculation.

Net Worth and Luxuries

While Dolly Chaiwala's rise to fame has undoubtedly brought him attention, there have been discussions about his net worth and luxurious lifestyle. Reports suggest that Dolly Chaiwala has acquired substantial wealth through his tea business and social media presence. Although his exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, there have been claims of him owning a Rolls-Royce car, adding to the air of intrigue surrounding his success.

The Truth Behind the Speculations

It's important to distinguish between the facts and the speculations surrounding Dolly Chaiwala. While his encounter with Bill Gates was real, the rumors of him being appointed as the Windows 12 ambassador lack any official substantiation. It's crucial not to confuse viral fame with official endorsements.


Dolly Chaiwala's journey from a tea seller to an internet sensation has been a whirlwind of events. While his encounter with Bill Gates brought him widespread recognition, it's essential to separate the truth from the rumors. As for his net worth and luxurious lifestyle, it remains a subject of speculation. The world eagerly awaits any official announcements from Microsoft regarding the Windows 12 ambassadorship, but until then, it's best to focus on Dolly Chaiwala's unique tea-making skills and his infectious personality.