The Roast Heard 'Round the World: 12 Best Burns from Tom Brady's Netflix Special

"The Greatest Roast of All Time: The Roast of Tom Brady" lived up to its name, taking down the legendary quarterback with a barrage of jokes during the Netflix is a Joke Festival. While Brady was the main target, his former teammates and even coach Bill Belichick weren't spared.

Here's a look at 12 of the hottest burns from the night (suitable for a family-friendly publication):

  1. Drew Bledsoe: "Tom Brady is like the avocado ice cream of quarterbacks: everyone likes the original better."

  2. Randy Moss: "The only reason Tom throws to Gronk so much is because he's the only one who can still catch."

  3. Rob Gronkowski: "Tom's retirement lasted longer than Aaron Hernandez's freedom."

  4. Julian Edelman: "Tom's fashion sense is so bad, even Alex Guerrero can't TB12 it."

  5. Bill Belichick: (In a deadpan voice) "Tom is the greatest quarterback of all time, but he still throws interceptions like a high school sophomore."

  6. Kevin Hart (Host): "Tom's acting career is so bad, even Ben Affleck wouldn't co-star with him again."

  7. Nikki Glaser: "Gisele left Tom for a younger model. Guess even supermodels get tired of avocado ice cream every day."

  8. Andrew Schulz: "Tom's so obsessed with winning, he'd probably challenge his own kids to a game of thumb war."

  9. Sam Jay: "Tom's so old, he remembers when Deflategate was just a Tuesday."

  10. Tony Hinchcliffe: "Antonio Brown showed up virtually to the roast because he knew he wouldn't be welcome in the same room as Tom after that Buccaneers meltdown."

  11. Ron Burgundy: "Tom is a living legend, but even legends eventually get old, just like his Ugg boots collection."

  12. Kim Kardashian: "Tom, you're like Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend's ex-husband. You had your moment, but now it's time to move on."

The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady Takes the Heat

Tom Brady, the undisputed GOAT of football, faced the ultimate test of his resilience: a Netflix roast titled "The Greatest Roast of All Time." From his former teammate Drew Bledsoe to his recent divorce from Gisele Bündchen, nothing was off-limits.

The night was filled with hilarious jabs from a star-studded lineup, including comedians like Nikki Glaser, Jeff Ross, and even the legendary Ron Burgundy. Kevin Hart, the host, set the tone early, poking fun at Brady's personal life and his brief retirement stint.

Bill Belichick, the stoic coach, surprised everyone with his comedic timing, taking playful shots at Brady's avocado ice cream preference and his questionable fashion choices (courtesy of stylist Alex Guerrero).

Of course, it wouldn't be a roast without mentioning Brady's ex-teammates. Rob Gronkowski, his longtime partner-in-crime, delivered some good-natured barbs, while Julian Edelman reminded everyone of the infamous "Deflategate" scandal.

There were even jabs at Brady's short-lived film career and his questionable decision to appear in a movie with Ben Affleck.

One particularly tense moment arose when Jeff Ross made a joke about Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, which Brady reportedly wasn't too pleased about.

Despite the occasional awkwardness, the night was filled with laughter and unforgettable moments. Comedians like Andrew Schulz, Sam Jay, and even Antonio Brown (virtually) added their own comedic spice to the mix.

While Brady may have taken some hits, he proved he could take a joke, even offering some self-deprecating humor about his numerous Super Bowl rings.

"The Greatest Roast of All Time" was a night of celebration and lighthearted mockery, reminding everyone that even the GOAT isn't immune to a good roasting.