This video is about a prank that went wrong, but ended up with a heartwarming surprise. The YouTuber, Fatima Faisal, tells us that she pranked her family by saying her dad was coming home. They didn't believe her because she had pranked them about this before. In order to get ready for her dad's arrival, she needed to find a car and buy a cake and flowers. Her mom and sister were out learning how to drive, so she had to wait for them to come home before she could borrow their car.

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While waiting for her mom and sister, Fatima Faisal found out that her dad really was coming home! Someone commented on one of her prank videos saying they saw her dad at the airport. She contacted the commenter and confirmed the news.

At the end of the video, we see that Fatima Faisal's dad has returned home. The prank turned into a real surprise, and everyone is happy.